Episode 20

Published on:

25th Sep, 2023

Episode 19

Published on:

18th Sep, 2023

Episode 18

Published on:

11th Sep, 2023

Episode 17

Published on:

4th Sep, 2023

Episode 16

Published on:

28th Aug, 2023

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About the Podcast

Building Championship Mindsets
Building Championship Mindsets the Podcast is hosted by Dr. Amber Selking, and features guests from the athletic and corporate worlds who share how they leverage the mental game to drive performance excellence. In each episode, Dr. Amber shares insights on how the brain works and coaches listeners to continue Building their Championship Mindset. Coach Lou Holtz, a friend, mentor, and colleague of Amber’s, not only proudly endorses “Building Championship Mindsets. | the Podcast” but also serves as a featured guest in upcoming seasons. Featured guests will share their experiences, applications, and performance impact of Building Championship Mindsets, and the importance of training the mind for sustainable success.