Episode 8

Published on:

15th Mar 2017

Ep 8: Building Block 7: Mental Rehearsal with featured guest, Lee Becton

In Episode 8 of Season 1, Dr. Amber reviews Building Block 7 of  her "Building Your Mental Performance Foundation" program, Mental Rehearsal. Lee Becton, former Notre Dame Football running back under Coach Lou Holtz and current business man with Dark Horse Sports Recruiting, joins Amber to share how the mental game drives his success in sport, business, and in life.




Championship Mindset Training: Practice mental rehearsal training for an upcoming event for 5 minutes/day using the Keys to Effective Mental Rehearsal.


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Referenced Links:

Referenced Links:

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 Video on Coach Holtz's Pre-Game Mental Rehearsal Sessions


Follow Lee Becton on Twitter: @Lbectondh

Check out "Dark Horse Recruiting" here:

           Website: http://www.darkhorserecruits.com


Referenced Material:

"The Talent Code" by Daniel Coyle

"The Power of Story" by Dr. Jim Loehr    

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